Stoptech ST-40 Pads

Stoptech ST-40 Pads
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  • Manufacturer: Stoptech
  • Condition: New

Stoptech HP Pads:

These are StopTech's newest formulation, offering a great combination of bite, low noise, and a wide optimum temperature range, making them ideal as pads for street to medium track use. These pads are sold with every Stoptech big brake kit.

-Recommended use: Street, autocross and light track use.

Hawk DTC 70 Pads:

Extremely high torque with aggressive controllable initial bite. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force.

Temp Range: 400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit

Torque: Extremely High

Recommended Use: Track only

Hawk DTC 60 Pads

High torque with less initial bite than DTC 70. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force.

Temp Range: 400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit

Torque: High

Recommended Use: Hawk's latest formulation for excellent torque control and modulation for wheel-to-wheel competition. DTC-60 can be combined with the DTC-70 when less torque is desired on the rear axle. Road race and asphalt circle track cars


Performance Friction 01 and 08 Compund:


Released in 2001, this compound has increased initial bite and improved modulation. The friction level has been increased for the first two-thirds of the braking event, with a flatter torque curve and more linear friction curve.

This allows the driver to attack the brake pedal later, reducing the time spent on the brakes. Very smooth release will not over-slow the car, and won't overwhelm the car's set-up. Like 97 compound, 01 has excellent modulation characteristics that improve controllability and driver confidence.

The 01 uses Performance Friction's unique lubrication package that maintains a minimal transfer layer on the disc to help prevent brake judder and provide excellent release properties, therefore reducing overall drag in the brake system.

Temp Range: 167-2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, optimum between 860F and 1004F


01 is one of the most popular race compounds in the PFC's arsenal. Slightly higher bite and torque for the first 2/3's of the stop than 83 compound. At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter for improved modulation with excellent release and a flat torque curve. 01 compound is very easy on the discs with very low wear, on par with 83 compounds.PFC 08 Compound is one of PFC newest and have gained immediate favor in Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must.

08 have a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics, and very low abraded disc wear.
In addition to its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches wear of the other competitors with much higher bite.

Recommended Use: Track and Race


Ferodo DS2500

Ferodo DS2500 is a club race pad that can be used on the street and for light track use. This compound produces some noise on the street, but retains good cold friction, and has an MOT of around 1,000 degrees F. It also has 35% less compressibility than competitive products, giving it very good pedal feel and modulation characteristics. DS2500 has an average friction level of approximately (0.50) which remains constant at any speed, and at any temperature up to 1,000° F.

Recommended Use: Street and Light Track

Pagid RS29

RS29 combines the outstanding wear rate of the RS19 with a slightly higher coefficient of friction and initial bite. Due to its excellent driveability PAGID endurance materials are also often used for sprint races. Application: All endurance racing cars from group N (Speed-WC, Grand Am Cup), Group A up to GT and Sport-Prototypes (Grand Am DP).

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