Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust for 911 Porsche 997 Turbo/Turbo S FL

Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust for 911 Porsche 997 Turbo/Turbo S FL
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  • Manufacturer: Akrapovic
  • Condition: New


The next option is to replace the stock link pipes with the Akrapovi? variant made from titanium and incorporating either 100 cpsi or 200 cpsi high-flow catalysts (customer choice). These link pipes, when coupled with our titanium center muffler, produce a total weight savings of 8 kg compared with the stock system.

Each center muffler kit also includes beautifully handcrafted, aerospace grade, carbon fiber bumper inserts with integrated titanium exhaust tail pipes. These distinctive, yet subtle pieces will set your car apart from the rest of the pack.

As always, our mission is to improve the sound of the car. Turbochargers are known for absorbing quite a bit of the sound volume of an engine. Through careful design we were able to produce a system that has the deep and aggressive sound a car of this caliber deserves without being unpleasant or intrusive during normal driving conditions.

The weight savings, appearance, and the amazing sound delivered by the Akrapovi? system are reason enough to own the system. However, in order to increase the power beyond the limit of 500 HP, ECU reprogramming will be required. The Akrapovi? exhaust system is a perfect basis for increased power when used in conjunction with an ECU reflash as well as other power-enhancing modifications.

Slip-On system, homologated:

  • Titanium center muffler
  • Carbon fiber bumper inserts
  • Titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:

  • 8 kg lighter than stock (with optional link pipes)
  • 4 kg lighter than stock
  • Basis for increased power
  • Amazing sound (with optional link pipes)
  • Unique design


  • Titanium link pipes with integrated 200 or 100 cpsi catalysts

*A note on titanium:
Not all titanium alloys are created equal. Akrapovi? titanium exhaust systems are crafted from a proprietary titanium alloy. While our alloy is considerably more expensive and difficult to form than the more common “commercial” alloys, it ensures a product that is substantially more durable, dimensionally stable, and heat resistant. Unparalleled in quality, all Akrapovi? products are designed without compromise to guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.
When installing an aftermarket Akrapovi? exhaust system with sports catalysts, which are developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential “engine check light” warning signals.

The technical descriptions of Akrapovi? exhaust systems and similar products are subject to changes without prior notification. Images and illustrations may differ. Subject to technical alterations. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the technical data.

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