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  • Manufacturer: BMS
  • Condition: New

This revolutionary new diagnostic tool gives the turbo BMW enthusiast all of the diagnostics they'll ever need in one easy to use andconvenient package. Including reading and deleing ECU codes, in dash gauge displays including boost and timing, user adjustable in dash shift lights, and much more to come. The CT conveniently plugs in to the OBDII port inside the car for quick install and removal. It's the perfect companion for your JB tuner and a must have for anyone running an ECU flash.

• Read ECU codes
• Delete ECU codes.
• Auto-delete annoying tuner detection codes
• Auto-delete annoying exhaust modification codes (non-emissions use only) eliminating the need for a DPFIX!
• User adjustable in dash gauge display including boost, timing, and air intake temperature
• User adjustable shift light
• No laptop required!
• Not locked to a specific VIN -- use on as many cars as you'd like
• DB9 port allowing firmware updates with the BMS USB cable
• Free firmware updates!

• 2008 + N54/N55/Diesel Turbo Models
• 2007 support and ECU mounting harness* coming soon!
*ECU mounting harness required to display actual boost pressure with a piggyback tuning system (such as the JB3) as the OBDII port is not aware of the true boost pressure. In OBDII mode in dash boost will only be accurate on stock and ECU reflashed vehicles.

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Price $119.00