BMW OEM M3 Rear Lower Camber Link Conversion Kit

BMW OEM M3 Rear Lower Camber Link Conversion Kit
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  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Condition: New

One of the last two remaining rear-end pieces to complete your E9X M3 suspension conversion. The other being the rear toe link, which is still under developement, but will be available soon.

This R&D process took several weeks to complete, but it is finally done and is available for E82/E9X 1 and 3 series owners. Rear E9X M3 light weight alloy lower camber links will replace the heavy 135i and 335i steel counter parts. The M3 camber link is a good 2 lbs!!! lighter per unit and is much stronger in design with less flex. The dampers will be better positioned to have a quicker reaction time to bumps and no longer be in the soft and flexible 135i/335i rubber saddles. Height adjuster, coil-over style spring with spring thrust sheets will be used. although not required, but highly recommended. We offer spring rates from 400 in/lb all the way to over 1000 in/lbs(Any spring rates over 800lbs will require a custom rear damper). Dampers can be Koni single or double adjustable units valved properly to handle most of the spring rates we toss at them.

All mounting hardware is included with the properly made custom headlight verticle aim bracket.

-Light weight aluminum
-Stronger then the 335i links by design
-Less flex
-Better rear damper mounting for faster damper reaction time

If you already have Koni dampers, you can choose to replace the rear dampers only in either single or double adjustable variety. If you are on KW(May be an option at a later date), Bilstein, Tein, etc. It is our recommendation to convert to Koni.

Alternatively, if you need a complete coil-over set-up, we offer Koni single or double adjustable coil-over kits.

Choose our custom Swift springs for the ultimate in handling for your BMW. Swift's R & D team created material, called H5S.TW, which is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Because of this material, they could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke.

-Lighter Unsprung Mass
-Smoother Weight Transfer
-Better Ride Quality
-Lower Tire Temperature
-Increased ability to anticipate vehicle reaction

If you already have Koni S/A or D/A Coilover kit, please choose the option to upgrade the rear damper to the M3 style.

The last option is for complete Koni Coilover kits in both S/A and D/A.

Please specify spring rates during checkout.

 ***Optional Koni Rear Shocks will come with the correct lower spools for installation***

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