BMW Rear Guide Rod Kit - TRW

BMW Rear Guide Rod Kit - TRW
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  • Manufacturer: TRW
  • Condition: New

*Original guide rods were made to deflect under load, a bad thing for good handling and traction(in of the the product images you can see where the stock 335i guide rod can deflect and bow under cornering and acceleration loads)

*Aluminum guide rods are made of all aluminum, a lightweight component thereby reducing wear and tear on other, more critical parts (rear subframe, control arm bushings, etc) Each guide rod weighs just over 1.5 lbs making for a total of ~3 lbs for both parts (stock guide rods weigh 2.1 lbs each)

*Bushing deflection with a rubber material at one end is replaced by a sealed joint for deflection and noise free operation. Bushing deflection is unwanted because it leads to excess suspension movement. This is bad for handling and traction due to constant camber and toe changes. Plus, any power from the engine can take longer to get to the ground because it has to windup the bushing first.

Fits 135i 335i and 335xi

***This is the TRW brand of the M3 guide rods*** 

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Price $285.89