Noelle Performance Programming Software F90 M5

Noelle Performance Programming Software F90 M5
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  • Manufacturer: Noelle Performance
  • Condition: New

Noelle's High-Performance Software was developed in Germany over the past 3 years by Noelle and their partners in Germany and has been officially released for the US Market. Noelle's competitors can only offer Tuning Boxes also known as piggy backs for all new BMW’s. These tuning boxes falsify information that is being sent to the engine control unit and can cause running issues, false check engine lights and an array of other issues. Noelle's software replaces the operating system in the engine control unit and functions exactly like the factory software, eliminating all of the problems associated with tuning boxes.

Noelle Performance programming is only available at select programming facilities installed by independent BMW professionals.

Another benefit of Noelle's software is the modification/removal of the top speed limiter allowing you to experience the full potential of your BMW* as well as maintain your factory BMW warranty. 

*Noelle Performance recommends following all posted speed limits on public roads! Top speed driving should ONLY be done on race tracks and only by experienced drivers with the proper training.

F90 M5 

S63M Engine

617 Stock HP

850 Tuned HP
740 Tuned Torque

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Price $3,699.00