SleK 1M CRT Style Front Lip

SleK 1M CRT Style Front Lip
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  • Manufacturer: SLeK
  • Condition: New

SLeK Designs  1M CRT Style Front Lip

At SLeK we strive for greatness. Whether it being great quality, fitment or finish. This carbon fiber front lip designed by SLeK for the BMW 1M has a robust one-piece design allowing for maximum durability while complimenting the shape and functionality of the 1M front bumper. It is styled after the front lip that came on the CRT M3 released overseas. The front lip is a simple 15-minute installation which utilizes the OEM factory screws underneath the bumper.

This front lip is made with our VARTM technology which ensures perfect fitment, durability and stiffness. The front lip is 100% handmade in Southern California with raw materials used from the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, UK, Italy and Australia. As well as having highly trained and experienced carbon fiber experts crafting the front lip.

Like all of our products at SleK this front lip is completely constructed of carbon fiber and/or the latest epoxy resins to obtain the lightest weight and yet yield the highest strength possible. Using the best materials available is how SLeK excels at producing high-quality parts that are both strong and light.

Using all of the best technology and materials that we have incorporated into the SLeK Carbon Fiber 1M Front Lip, we are able to offer the strongest and lightest carbon fiber front lip on the market. 


  • OEM Fit and Finish
  • Utilizes factory front bumper screws(For more secure mounting the buyer may choose to use additional screws or other mounting hardware)
  • 100% Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Ultra lightweight construction using SLeK’s exclusive VARTM technology
  • 100% Carbon Fiber and epoxy construction for maximum durability and lightness
  • Includes all hardware for installation
  • Produces downforce akin to any normal splitter according to the basic principles of Aerodynamics

Available Options:

  • 1x1 Weave
  • 2x2 Weave

The stripe is not included. The lip is all carbon fiber. The stripe is just an example of a style choice on this lip as the CRT M3 has a similar stripe in red.

***Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time*** 

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Price $859.00