HP Autosport E82/E9X Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks

HP Autosport E82/E9X Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks
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  • Manufacturer: HP Autosport
  • Condition: New

When you lower the vehicle, the swaybar is moved from the ideal factory geometry to an offset that decreases the ability of the swaybar to perform. The swaybar frame mount and the end of the bar should be on the same horizontal plane. The factory end links are a solid piece. When the car is lowered, the OEM links cannot compensate for the longer length needed to keep the swaybar in its ideal location. Get immediate response from your sway bar and precise control over your suspension. What this means to you is tighter, more responsive handling.

HP Autosport is happy to introduce adjustable end links. With adjustable end links you can return the bar to its ideal leverage point while lowered. They also afford the peace of mind that the links or shock link mount will not fail as is common in factory units, as they will now be adjusted properly. HP Autosport end links are adjustable while on the vehicle.

OEM E8x and E9x length is 11.5". Xi and M are 13.5".

We offer two lengths (11.5" and 13.5" measured at minimum length) and can have custom lengths made 1-2 weeks(sometime quicker). The links are adjustable to an extra length of 1.25".

FK is another popular application, those are 6.5". Please note at checkout you have FK coilover and need 6.5" links. 

***If you have xi, please note in the comment section so we send you the 13.5" links***


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