BMW Peake Research Tool

BMW Peake Research Tool
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  • Manufacturer: Peake
  • Condition: New

[B][U]The Basics:[/U][/B]
A “Peake Tool” is the common name for a scan tool made by Peake Research Corporation.Peake Tools are hand-held, Non-OBDII, BMW-Specific (this is explained below) code readers. They are affordable, accurate, and extremely easy to use. Peake Tools read the same diagnostic codes that the dealership and technicians rely on. The tools are available in versions for engine and airbag codes, and work on BMWs and Minis only.

Peake Research Corp. designates these tools as “R5 Tools”, as all their scan tool model names begin with R5:
· R5-FCX3 reads BMW engine codes
· R5-SRS reads BMW airbag codes
· R5-EMX reads Mini engine codes

Peake Research has been a trusted manufacturer of BMW-specific scan tools for the do-ityourselfer for twenty years.

[B][U]Why a Peake Tool is a great choice for BMW owners:[/U][/B]
Very simply, when your BMW detects a problem, it warns you with a “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light. You can determine what the problem is by plugging in a scan tool and reading the trouble codes your car is reporting.
For any given problem, your BMW generates two different types of fault codes. One type was programmed by BMW to specifically coordinate with your particular car. The other type is a “generic” version of the code that is vague enough to apply to any vehicle built after 1996. This generic code, called OBDII, is intended to allow state inspection facilities to monitor emissions-related problems present on any type of car they are certifying. The BMW-Specific code is what dealers and technicians use for actual diagnosis.

Scan tools from Peake Research read the BMW-Specific codes, not the generic OBDII codes, giving you the ability to see the same trouble codes the dealer relies on for diagnosis. Generic codes and code readers can yield less accurate and potentially misleading information. Additionally, many BMW Specific codes are simply not represented at all by the generic language. Therefore, basing your diagnostic decisions on the factoryprogrammed codes is the best option for BMW owners.

It is important not to confuse these factory-programmed codes with the ‘manufacturer specific’ OBDII codes that generic tools read. Many generic tools claim to read ‘manufacturer specific’ codes, which are simply an extended range of codes that are beyond the basic set used for inspection. These are completely different than the BMW factory codes as described above.


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